The Prophecy of Zechariah

Craig Munro has started his series of Friday night meetings exploring the prophecy of Zechariah using this chart:

The meetings will cover the following subjects:

January 19 – Zechariah and Haggai
January 26 – The Man Among The Myrtle trees, The Four Horns And The Man With The Measuring Line
February 2 – The Cleansing Of Joshua And The Lampstand
February 9 – The Flying Roll, The Women In The Ephah, And The Four Chariots
February 16 – The Coming of the Messiah

Each meeting commences at 8pm in our own hall and everyone is welcome to join us.

As the meetings progress, copies of the recordings will be posted below.


The Prophecy of Zechariah — 5 Comments

  1. Looking forward to sharing this ministry. Was so envious that Thought I was missing them. Now looks like I can hear all
    Your web page is great

  2. Wonderful Ministry. Thank you so much for making it possibly to be shared throughout country( and world)
    If only Christians will listen to this (myself included) instead of staring at I phones and other moving images leading us into present day idolatry..
    Praying for you all. My intro to Glencraig was before most of you were born. The prayers of these Godly ones then is reaping fruit today.
    Little children. Keep yourself from Idols. Flee idolatry (am I listening,obeying??)
    Believe something will happen soon. Any moment now,the rapture. thanks again

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